LaTeX course (English)

A practical LaTeX beginner's course for everyone about to start writing a bachelor or a master thesis.

The University Library now offers LaTeX courses for students about to start working on a bachelor or a master thesis.

LaTeX is a command based system which is known to create nice and clear documents. In addition, the system has great support for mathematical expressions.

The University Library's LaTeX course is a beginner's course, and no prior knowledge is necessary. The course will start with a general introduction about LaTeX. You will also learn how to create a LaTeX document, how to format your documents, how to add text, figures, tables and mathematical expressions.

The course is built around practical examples which will be shown in Overleaf, which every NTNU student can use freely. Overleaf is a cloud tool, and you do not need to install additional software to join the course. 

The University Library's LaTeX course is digital, and will be taught in The Virtual Library. The course will be held in English.

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