SCOPUS, Web of Science & Google Scholar - an interdisiplinary supplement to PubMed

This is an introduction to how to use interdisiplinary databases for those who 1) Want a powerful supplement to PubMed. 2) Has interdisiplinary projects that are not covered well in traditional databases 3) Wants a tool for getting a quick overview of a topic and researcher and research groups that publish within this topic. Due to the Corona-situation, this course will be streamed in Zoom.

NB! Due to the Corona-situation, this course will be offered as a web course in Zoom.

Medical and Master students, PhD-students and researchers/staff at The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and St. Olavs University Hospital.

This course is held in English (if all participants are Norwegian speaking, the course will be held in Norwegian).

Please bring your own computer. We have computers for the participants if this is not possible. The library has a wireless NTNU-network (Eduroam) and St Olavs-network for staff and guests.

Additional information:
You will get an email with more information after registration. Please note that this course has a 100% overlap with the obligatory PhD-course SMED8007.

What will you learn:
*How to use WoS, Scopus og Google Scholar.

*How to find the most cited articles for a topic.

* How to quickly find relevant articles using "citation nesting".

* Effective use of the databases' tools and alert services.

* How to find journal impact factors.

* How to find relavant Open Access journals for a diciplin.

* How to find statistics for a researcher (number of publications and citations, H-factor etc.).

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