Reference management with BibTeX / BibLaTeX

A practical introduction to citation and reference management in LaTeX.

LaTeX is a powerful tool used to produce high quality documents, but sometimes, citations can be difficult to handle. This course will give you a practical introduction to citations in LaTeX, mainly focusing on BibTeX and BibLaTeX. The course will take you through the whole process, from reading a good article, to reference management, to citing the article in your thesis.


Anyone who is interested in citation in LaTeX, and has a basic understanding of working with LaTeX.


Additional information:
The course uses Overleaf. Therefore, it is not necessary to have LaTeX on the computer. It is also possible to use other LaTeX versions. The course is in English, and will be held in The Virtual Library. If any of the course participants for various reasons needs access to the powerpoint presentation before the course, this can be arranged. If this is the case, contact

The course could be cancelled if there are less than 3 signed up.

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