NVivo introduction for PhD candidates and researchers

Are you overwhelmed by large amounts of non-numeric data?
Join our NVivo course at Zoom!

NVivo is a software tool helping you organize and analyze qualitative research data.

Note: The course is intended for participants with little or no experience in NVivo or similar software.

This is a two days course:
Part 1: Tuesday 28 September 12:15-15:00
Part 2: Wednesday 29 September 12:15-15:00

Part 1: Tuesday 09 November 12:15-15:00
Part 2: Wednesday 10 November 12:15-15:00


The course will briefly cover:
·         Start a new project
·         Workspace. Import of files
·         Codes and coding
·         Case and Case Classifications
·         Memos and Annotations
·         The Explore Menu (Text search, Word Frequency, Word Cloud etc)
·         Q and A

You will receive a Zoom link after registration.

Mark: This course is for PC users.

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