NVivo introduction for PhD candidates and researchers (English)

Are you overwhelmed by large amounts of non-numeric data?
Join our NVivo course in Zoom!

Note: The course is intended for PhD candidates and researchers with little or no experience in NVivo or similar software.

Please download and install NVivo before the course. If you're having trouble contact Oracle services.

NVivo is a software tool helping you organize and analyze qualitative research data. The course gives you a basic introduction to the software, and we'll go through the most common functions so that you can use the program in your own research projects. 

Recommended prerequisites: it’s expected that the participants have experience with qualitative research methods.

This is a two days course:

Part 1: Monday 29 April 12:15-15:00
Part 2: Thursday 2 May 12:15-15:00

The course will briefly cover:
·         Start a new project
·         Workspace. Import of files
·         Codes and coding
·         Case and Case Classifications
·         Memos and Annotations
·         The Explore Menu (Text search, Word Frequency, Word Cloud etc)
·         Q and A

This course will be held in The Virtual Library course room. (Click on Join course)

Mark: This course is mainly for windows users.

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