Winter is coming (Alta)

For newcomers (and other international students) to share expectations and experiences about the Winter Season in Alta

For newcomers (and others), Samskipnaden is arranging a Winter Info Workshop to discuss expectations and share experiences/ideas about how to deal with Winter and the Dark Season. We also provide information on the following topics: 

  • Winter climate and clothing 

  • What is wise to buy and where you can get it 

  • Good study routines in the dark season 

  • Nutrition and vitamins ++ in the dark season – how to stay healthy and awake 

We will bring samples of clothes and equipment + different vitamins for you to see and taste. 

FREE pizza will be served. 

Please remember to unsubscribe if you cannot participate. If you have any symptoms of cold or Coronavirus, we kindly ask you not to participate. Please don`t hesitate to contact the Student Councellor Bente H. Johansen, E-post:, tlf. 908 59 905, if you have any questions.

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